Gay Future Dads(GFD) is a social group for gay men to meet other gay men who are interested in having children by adoption, surrogacy, foster care, co-parenting, or may already have children.  Many single GFD's also come to meet other single GFD's.

GFD meets every month or so at members’ homes or in another casual atmosphere to share information and socialize. We also list and attend family formation events sponsored by other groups.

Our History

Gay Future Dads was formed in 2004 by a group of single gay men in the Castro area of San Francisco who were interested in learning about becoming parents and who wanted to find new and different ways to meet other guys who wanted to become parents.

Since that time Gay Future Dads has grown into a unique social group and support network of more than 100 members who get together at casual events in members’ homes, local cafes and at special events like the SF LGBT Film Festival and SF Gay Pride Celebration.

We have gone on to make good friends, form coupled relationships and have children through co-parenting, adoption and surrogacy arrangements.

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Next GayFutureDads Event:

MARCH 14 Event

 March 14, 2014, 6 pm.  
A conversation about surrogacy in Thailand... 

Address: Hotel Nikko- 
222 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Curious about surrogacy abroad? Wondering what options are open to gay couples and single gay men and women? Are there any countries that allow surrogacy in asia ? 

We have guest speakers at our next event that specialise  in surrogacy in Thailand...Please come join us as our guest speakers provide information about how surrogacy in Thailand works...

Our guest speakers are- Kim Hendrix-http://www.completesurrogacysolutions.com/ and Carrie Bloedorn-http://www.eggspecting.com/

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